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  1. Rational Vs. Unox: Clash of the Combis

    Rational Vs. Unox: Clash of the Combis

    The beating heart of the majority of commercial kitchens, combination ovens have revolutionised catering en masse, combining the functions of multiple pieces of equipment into a single unit. As technology has evolved, so has what we have to come to expect from these core cooking appliances - making them, undoubtedly, an essential heavyweight of any modern kitchen.

    The reigning market leaders, Rational, have dominated the combination cooking sector for over 40 years, but can the relatively new kid on the block, Unox, prove to be a force to be reckoned with? Here, we take a look at both brands: the similarities, the differences and what they each bring to the market.

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  2. A Buying Guide to Commercial Microwave Ovens

    A Buying Guide to Commercial Microwave Ovens

    Although not considered a major piece of kitchen equipment by some, commercial microwave ovens still hold a firm place in many professional kitchens. They are ideal for safely reheating, defrosting and finishing foods; creating smoother, more efficient operations and saving time during busy services.

    When browsing available units don’t be fooled into thinking that a domestic model will fit the bill. Although they may look similar, there are important differences. Discover the key elements you should be looking for when buying a new commercial microwave with this complete buying guide.

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  3. A Buying Guide to Commercial Ranges

    A Buying Guide to Commercial Ranges

    One of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment you will invest in is a commercial range; (in American terminology known as a ‘commercial stove’). Commercial ranges are an integral part of any professional kitchen and typically comprise of a specific cooktop design with an integrated oven facility beneath. As the oven can be used independently of the cooking top, this product offers great versatility.

    Read the points you should consider so that the perfect piece of kit for any level of demand can be found; from restaurants, bistros and cafes to schools, nursing homes and catering facilities.

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  4. A Buying Guide to Commercial Fryers

    A Buying Guide to Commercial Fryers


    Lincat J10 Gas Commercial Fryer Example of a freestanding twin tank commercial
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  5. A Buying Guide to Commercial Combination Ovens

    At the heart of any professional kitchen you will generally find a commercial combination oven. This will be capable of delivering bulk cooking alongside the precision generally associated with individually prepared dishes.

    Typically central to busy operations, this one piece of equipment will become the main hub of activity for the large majority of the menu. Often carrying a hefty price tag, it's vital to make an educated investment from the start.

    Get up to speed on combi ovens and what you should be looking for here.

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