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The Truth About Commercial Catering Equipment

  1. Break Tanks, Drain Pumps and Water Softeners - Everything You Need to Know

    Break Tanks, Drain Pumps and Water Softeners - Everything You Need to Know

    Commercial warewashers are a crucial element of any hospitality business whether that’s to guarantee a continuous flow of clean glasses or to ensure that the kitchen and restaurant continues to function smoothly with a good supply of hygienically cleaned cooking utensils and dinnerware.

    Commercial dishwashers and glass washers are workhorses of the kitchen and require care and attention in a number of areas to guarantee that they give their best performance in high demand conditions whilst remaining within legal guidelines.

    Common areas of confusion and misunderstanding for customers tend to involve break tanks, drain pumps and water softeners and whether these are necessary for their business. Here we clear up the confusion and explain what each is, it’s purpose and how customers can determine whether it is a feature that they need.

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  2. The Truth About … Buying Graded Catering Equipment

    The Truth About … Buying Graded Catering Equipment

    Whether setting up from scratch or replacing old units, graded catering equipment can be a great way to decrease costs in a commercial business, without jeopardising overall performance and quality. The problem is that few people are actually aware of the benefits or that such offers even exist.

    Here we uncover the truth about buying graded catering equipment, answering questions and filling in the details such as What is graded catering equipment and why you should consider investing?

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  3. The Truth About ... Commercial Leasing

    The Truth About ... Commercial Leasing

    Investing in quality catering equipment and supplies is the key to success however this can be a pricey affair. When the budget is tight or you simply want to free up some essential funds, commercial leasing is a great option.

    Here we outline the core details of the commercial leasing of catering equipment and answer some frequently asked questions such as How can leasing catering equipment supplies help my business? Are they any tax benefits? and Can I still lease catering equipment with a poor credit rating? 

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  4. The Truth About … Commercial Fryers & Oil Filtration

    The Truth About … Commercial Fryers & Oil Filtration

    Commercial fryers are a core piece of equipment in the majority of professional kitchens and where there is a fryer there is a necessity for cooking oil. Gone are the days of equipping yourself with a bucket and a towel to manually filter cloudy oil to get every last use out of it – you can now invest in a heavy duty fryer with built in oil filtration that can do the job for you. 

    Learn how a fryer with integral oil filtration system could help to reduce costs and outlay depending on your usage.


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  5. The Truth About … Water Softeners in Warewashing

    The Truth About … Water Softeners in Warewashing

    Commercial ware washers take a battering on a daily basis, experiencing high levels of use to keep your dishes and glasses in pristine condition. They work hard and every cycle is expected to achieve dazzling results. The term ‘water softener’ is often encountered when shopping for equipment but few actually appreciate the significance and importance of this element.

    A water softener is a general recommendation where the water supplied to the machine has more than 100ppm (parts per million) – that’s the majority of the UK! Understanding the concept of a water softener will highlight exactly why they are imperative to the health of your machine.

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