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Mental health in the hospitality industry is a very real thing and is a core concern for a large majority of the UK, after all, 1 in 10 of the working population is employed in this sector. As a leading supplier of commercial refrigeration, catering equipment and grease management solutions to thousands of foodservice and hospitality businesses around the country, this topic resonates deeply with us and also with the majority of our customers who have either experienced or know someone that has experienced, times of hardship, both physical and/or mental.

Thankfully, there is now more help available than ever for those who are struggling with mental health.

To show our support on this important issue the FFD Group is pledging our backing to Hospitality Action.

What we are doing…

“It’s quite simple, for every review we receive – whether good, bad or indifferent - we will donate £1 to Hospitality Action.” – Cory Greenhough MD at FFD Group

For every order placed and where a review is left on independent, impartial platforms such as Reviews.co.uk, Trustpilot or Google, we will be donating £1. All you need to do is tell us what we are doing right or wrong!

Through the support of our customers, we can all contribute to the support of the hospitality industry.

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What Does Hospitality Action Do?

As one of the biggest industries in the UK and accounting for approximately 10% of the nation's employment, hospitality is a major part of peoples lives. Covering all roles from serving staff, chefs and bartenders to housekeeping, concierges or porters, Hospitality Action is dedicated to providing support to anyone who delivers a service to the public whether in a bar, restaurant, hotel or cafe.

Established in 1837, Hospitality Action is dedicated to providing support for the millions of people working in the UK hospitality industry. This ranges from serving staff, chefs and bartenders to housekeeping, porters and concierges - basically, anyone who offers a service to the public, whether it be in a restaurant, bar, hotel or other setting.

In 2018 alone, Hospitality Action gave their services to 4330 people within the industry through grants, social activities, care alarms or by other services such as counselling. Almost 85% of these workers were below the age of 60. The services that Hospitality Action offer can be accessed by anyone within the sector who is experiencing difficulties, physically or emotionally.

Whether experiencing physical illnesses, poverty, redundancy, bereavement, domestic violence, addiction, depression, bullying or being the victim of crime, Hospitality Action is there for anyone experiencing difficulties or that just needs someone to listen.

As a charity, Hospitality Action receives no government funding and rely on donations from independent businesses and contributions from within the industry. It’s vital to show solidarity on this important issue to ensure that they can continue their amazing work.

In addition to our annual donations, the FFD team are taking up the challenge to complete a fundraising activity once a year with all money raised going directly to Hospitality Action. Hospitality Action is a registered charity: charity no. 1101083. To learn more about Hospitality Action, the work they carry out and the services they provide plus how you can help further, visit https://www.hospitalityaction.org.uk/

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