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Why Go Commercial with your Warewasher?


Imagine. In the middle of a busy kitchen service your domestic dishwasher gives up the ghost. Boom. Can your kitchen staff hand wash those plates or glasses fast enough? Is there even room for them to do it? Don’t they have other things they should be doing? Obviously this is just a potential scenario but it does highlight why every commercial kitchen needs to be using the right commercial warewasher.

Commercial appliances are specifically designed for purpose. Built to cope with the amount they need to be used and to fit in the spaces available. The most successful kitchens run like clockwork - literally. Sets of complimenting components organised and working together in a particular pattern to get the job done. You might be surprised at just how huge the impact of the right equipment is on your kitchens ability to quickly and efficiently produce a smooth service.

Here are 4 very big reasons why any commercial kitchen should choose a commercial warewasher over a domestic one:


Designed for Frequent Usage

Commercial warewashers such as the Sammic P-50 Pro Dishwasher are made to handle the frequent usage and large quantities of tableware that commercial kitchens go though. Commercial equipment is designed to be used on repeat for hours on end every day, while theStack of clean dishes domestic machine is expected to run only once or twice a day. Domestic warewashers are sometimes less expensive, but they are definitely not powerful enough to keep up, and you may find yourself paying more in maintenance and replacement costs in the long run.


Energy Efficient

Commercial kitchens are high energy users. As a whole your kitchen will consume roughly 2.5 times more energy per square foot than any other commercial space. If your commercial kitchen is properly planned out, then energy efficiency will have been a big consideration. Washing can use up a lot of energy and a busy kitchen washes a lot. This is why it’s important that your commercial warewashing equipment be as energy efficient as possible.

Plenty of manufacturers keep this in mind during the design process, for example, the Hobart F504 Ecomax has a reliable and robust German design featuring a double skinned door which ensures that noise and heat emissions are kept to a minimum.The latest warewasher models tend to have smaller wash tanks, more efficient wash and rinse pumps and better water filtration technology, which consumes less energy while improving the wash. Improved pump technology, better design of rinse arms and a reduction in the volume of required rinse water also makes them more efficient.


Health and Safety

The warewasher is easily one of the most forgotten and abused pieces of equipment in a kitchen, yet it does have the critical job of cleaning dishware and reducing potential pathogens to safe levels by correctly sanitising them. Commercial warewashers such as the Winterhalter UC-S Undercounter Dishwasher are specifically designed to offer different wash cycles depending on the load that is inside: Glass washer, Dishwasher, Bistro dishwasher or Cutlery washing machine.

Models such as this one also come with quadruple wash water filtration to remove both large and small particles, and a clouding sensor which continually measures sediment levels in the tank. In general commercial warewashers offer higher water temperatures and longer rinse cycles to ensure that all potential hazards are removed.

Note: Not only can pathogens be dangerous, but your customers will not be happy with finding ‘dirty’ dishware. This could hurt both your reputation and brand.


Maintenance and Reliability

The reliability of the product and the brand of warewashing equipment you choose will have an effect on ongoing costs such as the maintenance costs. An established catering supplier like 247 Catering Supplies offer a large range of equipment from well known leading brands, so you can be sure that the product you are purchasing is reliable and will require minimal professional maintenance.

247 Catering Supplies have dedicated and knowledgeable customer service staff that can provide you with excellent advice when purchasing your warewashing equipment and offer comprehensive warranties on parts and labour. Not to mention free delivery and finance options.

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