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Commercial Catering Equipment and Supplies Warranties

At 247 Catering Supplies we aim to provide quality catering equipment and supplies with as many warranty options as possible to accommodate all required levels of coverage. With a full range of big name brands available, you can find parts only or full parts and labour warranties for a stated term ranging anywhere from 12 months and 5 years.

Know your warranties

There are generally two types of warranty on offer; parts only and parts and labour.

A Parts Only warranty covers any issues or breakage of internal components, integral to the workings of the equipment. This does not include perishable items that are subject to wear and tear such as bulbs, seals and handles etc. When a breakdown is reported a qualified engineer will attend site and submit a full report, highlighting any issues. Upon receipt of this report, we will arrange for the dispatch of any required parts to the original delivery address, free of charge. Any necessary labour costs will be chargeable to the warranty holder; that includes the initial visit to site. A parts only warranty does not provide cover for misuse, poor installation or any other aspect that is out of the manufacturer’s control. Any external damage can only be replaced if occurring during delivery, in which case a claim must be made within 24 hours of delivery. In some cases it is required for malfunctioning parts to be returned to the manufacturer. We may require a deposit which will be returned once manufacturer confirms receipt of parts. 

A Parts and Labour  warranty, also known as a full warranty, will cover the cost of any breakage of internal components that prevents the equipment from operating and the labour required to fix the issue. We will arrange for an engineer to attend site and assess the situation whereby any necessary parts will be dispatched to the address free of charge. Where a product is deemed defective within the warranty period, a repair or replacement will be carried out at no extra charge to the customer. If the fault is deemed to be due to something other than a technical failure, the customer will need to cover the cost of both parts and labour. External damage to panels or glass will only be replaced if caused during transit. 

Some warranties, typically on smaller items of catering equipment, are classed as ‘back to base’ services whereby they will be collected from the original delivery address and returned to the manufacturer. Any issues will be resolved or equipment replaced, as deemed appropriate, before being delivered back to the primary address.

Also be aware of ‘semi commercial ‘ warranties. These will only provide cover for light duty use, in domestic or semi-commercial setting. Failure to comply to recommendations will void any manufacturer warranty.

*Please Note: Where a warranty callout is required, we reserve the right to hold a deposit until a qualified engineer has attended site and submitted a report identifying the issue. The deposit will be returned in full to the customer once the fault has been diagnosed unless it is found to be a non-warranty issue. In this case, any charges will be deducted and the remaining balance returned.*

To read more about the ins and outs of commercial warranties take a look at our ‘Truth About…’ section.