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Commercial Leasing & Finance

Investing in quality catering equipment and supplies is the key to success. However, this can be a pricey affair. When the budget is tight or you simply want to free up some essential funds, commercial leasing is a great option.

Here we offer a simple step by step guide to the leasing process. 

Shopping basket

Choose your equipment and add to your shopping basket

To qualify for leasing your order must be a minimum of £1000 exc. VAT

Application form

Select the lease option and fill out all relevant information

This is where you can decide on the length of lease that works for your business

Longer lease term = lower monthly repayments

Lower monthly repayments = higher total repayable cost

Do you want to make a deposit? This isn't required and the application can be completed without one. The monthly rental repayments will be calculated based on whether a deposit is paid and how much is paid

Post box

Submit the application and wait for your answer

Acceptance may be shown instantly on the screen when applying via the website's instant finance feature

Alternatively, further details may be requested. This may include permission to check further business details. A representative from the leasing company will contact you directly for extra information



When the lease application has been confirmed, documentation will be sent out

Once all correct documentation has been signed and returned, we will release your goods

Delivery man


When delivery is accepted, the lease term begins

Your first direct debit payment will typically be taken 5-7 days after delivery

PaymentsPound sign

Continue to make easy monthly repayments for the duration of the agreed lease period

One month before the end of the lease term, the client must write a letter to the leasing company to terminate the lease. A final payment will secure the client's ownership of the equipment

Catering equipment is yours.

The catering equipment is all yours

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