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    Chefs Clothing

    Chefs Clothing

    Even though the majority of chefs carry out their work away from the public eye it is still vital that they wear the appropriate clothing. Not only does a standard uniform dictate the tone for a professional kitchen but also gives the chef a level of authority. The uniform worn by kitchen staff will also provide protection and safety in a dangerous environment so getting your choices right can prevent future injury.

    Not only does kitchen wear provide a level of protection against splashes and spillages but also keeps the employees comfortable in an atmosphere notorious for being hot.

    Whether you are looking for jackets, trousers, hats or footwear you can be assured of receiving goods that are worthy of featuring in a professional kitchen. With leading brands such as ChefWorks, Buff and Slipbuster quality is guaranteed.

    We not only stock chef's uniforms of all shapes, styles and sizes but also take care of the budding chefs of tomorrow. With a range of children's clothing you can inspire the next generation whilst also protecting them from any hot splashes.

    With a range of styles available you can choose a standard uniform for every member of kitchen staff or can differentiate between working stations and seniority with alternative styles of smocks, jackets and hats.

    Whichever route you decide to take you are guaranteed to receive quality products for the lowest prices possible.