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Valentine Dreams Come True with Bottene Pasta Machines


Italy, deemed one of the world’s most romantic countries. It's not only renowned for romance but also as a leading connoisseur in the art of pasta making. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of love, than in true Italian style with a romantic meal of pasta?

There’s nothing quite like fresh pasta made in-house but sometimes it’s not always viable to do it by hand, especially if you’re a restaurant that specialises in exquisite pasta with a menu packed with variations. Introducing Bottene ... a company leading the field in pasta making. Available only through Cuisinequip, this advanced catering equipment can revolutionise any business passionate about pasta.

Who are Bottene?

One family’s dream of helping any kitchen to create premium fresh pasta with ease, saw the birth of the Italian brand Bottene. Francesco Bottene first filed for a royal patent in 1875, a patent relating to the production of a machine that facilitated production of homemade fresh pasta. Evolving and developing their style, design and technology without compromising their core aim of producing superior pasta, this brand now represents the pinnacle of pasta making, being the go-to solution for any business serious about creating top quality fresh pasta.

Benefits of Bottene Pasta Machines

For any chef dedicated to the pursuit of perfect pasta, Bottene pasta equipment is a natural choice. With models to suit all sized restaurants, the Inver and PM ranges simplify the whole process. This results in delicious fresh pasta, with all the desirable traits of being lovingly made by hand - but without the manual labour.

Tailor your recipe

Finely tuning your dough recipe has never been easier. All Bottene pasta extruders deliver superior results regardless of the type of flour used, whether incorporating eggs or not, adding water or using a pinch of salt etc. You can even add colour if so desired, allowing for personalisation and a unique flourish to dishes. The ability to modify base ingredients and recipes makes it easier to observe food allergen guidelines. A variety of pasta can be made with a range of different ingredients resulting in an all-encompassing menu that anyone can enjoy. Once you’ve found that perfect recipe, replicating the results is simple, with quality results guaranteed every time.

Mixes dough for you

Stainless steel mixing tanks of varying capacities are integral to all Bottene machines. Simply add your preferred base ingredients, in quantities of your choosing and let the equipment do its thing. No more worrying whether your kneading or rolling techniques are up to scratch. The pasta makers repeatedly perform and excel, giving a consistency to production that every restaurant needs.

Enjoy pasta versatility

Bottene love heart Valentine pasta

Forget those manual pasta cutters that can take forever and, even then, the desired consistency is never quite there. Bottene pasta machines produce a variety of types, each with different forms and sizes. Each piece of equipment is supplied with four standard dies (a die being the fitting that forms the desired shape). The dies included create rigatoni, fettuccine, spaghetti and lasagna. There are 72 dies available to buy, for total versatility in pasta creation.

The equipment was recently seen in action at the Professional Kitchen Show, complete with a special die created exclusively for Valentine’s Day. Although the attachment isn’t available at the moment on the open market, it demonstrates the versatility afforded by the equipment, with red pasta crafted into delicate heart shapes.

Savings, savings, savings...

The word, ‘savings’, is a welcome one to any business. Bottene offer savings in many different guises. Saving preparation time when compared to manual fresh pasta production and also reducing cooking times when compared to that of dried pasta, it’s undeniable that operational efficiency is enhanced. Kitchens also see monetary savings when compared to buying pasta pre-made, fresh or dried. Utilising these pasta machines can also result in less food waste. By simply modifying the quantities of base ingredients and creating only the dough, therefore the pasta, that you need, kitchens are capable of generating generous profit margins, meaning the equipment soon pays for itself.

Create restaurant theatre

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as witnessing pasta being extruded. Sounds strange but there’s something captivating about the way the dough emerges and forms a shape before severing from the machine as the perfect piece of pasta. The aesthetics of the equipment have been honed to perfection with professional stainless steel features contrasting with an attractive cream finish to create maximum impact. This combination of visual elements makes it a great piece of kit to be placed front and centre, as a focal point in an open kitchen. If cream isn’t your thing, there are a choice of colours and full stainless steel options available – ring us for more details.

Easy to operate and low maintenance

Not only does Bottene ensure that equipment looks good and produces the best results, but that it does so without complication. Easy to use, you don’t have to be an expert in pasta to produce top quality. There’s no need for time consuming maintenance either. With an easy to remove mixer and extrusion auger, standard cleaning after each use is all that is required.

Other equipment

Valentine Pasta Cooker Valentine Pasta Cooker

You’ve got the base pasta product nailed in any form, so why not expand your capabilities with a ravioli maker, also from Bottene. Using the sheets produced by any pasta extruder that is fitted with the appropriate attachment, ravioli machines can create a selection of sizes and shapes when fitted with the corresponding interchangeable mould. Also capable of applying adjustable dosage to add just the right amount of filling, you get perfect ravioli whenever you need it.

Cuisinequip’s sister company, Valentine also produce leading multicookers - a ‘must have’ in any restaurant specialising in pasta dishes. Whether looking for a standard pasta cooker or a turbo model, Valentine offer the precision required to prepare delicate ingredients to exacting standards.

By choosing select pieces of equipment, kitchens can see the whole process through from beginning to end - from the mixing of raw ingredients, to the pasta making procedure, through to cooking the finished dish. You have a fully functioning in-house pasta production system that generates exceptional results.

Guarantee Valentine’s Day sparks true love with the perfect unison of Bottene and Valentine pasta equipment.

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