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The Truth About … Buying Graded Catering Equipment

Last updated: Oct 25, 2017 @ 12:07 pm

Whether setting up from scratch or replacing old units, graded catering equipment can be a great way to decrease costs in a commercial business, without jeopardising overall performance and quality. The problem is that few people are actually aware of the benefits or that such offers even exist.

Here we uncover the truth about buying graded catering equipment and fill in the details.

What is Graded Catering Equipment?

When a piece of equipment is returned to the manufacturer, it cannot be resold as a new. The reason for return may range from minor cosmetic damage caused during transit to simply a wrong order being made in the first place. All returned units are assessed and rated by the manufacturer, typically labelled with a grade A-D representing the overall condition of the piece. The price of the equipment will reflect the condition that each individual piece is in once returned. The fact that ‘reselling as new’ is not a viable option, gives the opportunity for some great savings to be made by canny business people.

How is Equipment Graded?

Each manufacturer will use varying criteria to ascertain the grade allotted to each unit and so this table is intended as a general guide only. Before making any purchases always speak to a knowledgeable member of staff who will be able to add more detail.

A Grade – These are brand new pieces of equipment in pristine condition, with full warranty and in all original packaging. This equipment is advertised at full price and comes straight from the production line/warehouse.

B+ Grade – Generally there is no damage to a B+ graded piece of equipment. These models have been dispatched to a customer who has unpacked the item before arranging a return. These units rarely have any cosmetic damage or faults however cannot be resold as new, as they have already left the warehouse previously.

B Grade – B graded equipment will not be supplied in the original packaging and will often have minor scratches or dents to the exterior of the unit.

C Grade - Similar to B graded equipment, grade C products will not be delivered in the original packaging and will have minor cosmetic damage and may have been used.

D Grade – Any equipment falling into this grade will generally have heavy damage and will probably have been used. Some products could have potentially been reconditioned although this doesn’t apply to all cases.

How Does Grade Affect Price?

Basically; the lower the grade, the lower the price. Grade A equipment is the cream of the crop, sold as new while Grade D has a much lower cost and will have a greater degree of damage.

When is Buying Graded Catering Equipment Beneficial?

It’s a fact that commercial equipment can be expensive to buy however by making a few wise decisions you can make sure your budget goes further without any negative impact on the success of operations.

Graded equipment is particularly useful for back of house areas where small scratches and dents won’t be witnessed by customers. All products still perform to the same high standard and operate to the same efficiency but may have slight cosmetic damage to the exterior meaning that purchase costs are reduced.

Do I Still Get Warranty?

Graded units are sold with the same level of manufacturer's warranty as a brand new piece of equipment. If you experience any problems within the warranty, costs will be covered, just as they would when buying a new unit. Essentially you can buy the same equipment for a discounted price, just by choosing a graded model. This could potentially make you a saving of up to 35% off our typical selling price.

Where Do I Find Graded Equipment?

Graded products are not listed on many websites as stock tends to be only single pieces with continuous variation in what’s available.

At 247 Catering Supplies, we can often supply images prior to purchase allowing customers to ascertain the condition of the equipment and the level of damage and determine whether graded equipment is an option that their business could benefit from.

To find out if you could be saving money by buying graded catering equipment, make sure you speak to one of our advisers today.

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