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Top Tip to Add Something Special to your Burgers


Once again burgers have proven to be a favourite with diners and rightly so - what’s not to love about those delicious meat patties? With M&S releasing a report of record sales in May 2018 showing sales of burgers was up by 49%, there’s proof that burgers aren’t only popular when eating out but also in the home. Source: Marks and Spencer

Whether you go for a standard, straight laced burger with simple salad or go all out with cheese, bacon, sauce and specialist buns, there is one element that always remains a constant, a core feature – a high quality meat cooked to perfection. The equipment you choose will make all the difference. Making a wise investment when choosing your commercial chargrill will undoubtedly set you up for success.

Burger Trends

Whilst a standard offering is still ever present on menus there is an undeniable trend to make dishes bigger and better, stacking up with multiple burgers and including ingredients such as onion rings, mushrooms, egg, chillies, nachos, chicken and even avocado.Burger

Another innovation in the burger market sees this typical meat lovers dish being accessible by vegetarian and vegan diners. ‘Bleeding’ burgers made entirely from plant products are taking the market by storm and opening up this classic food to everyone, further expanding the already broad customer base.

A tendency for a touch of pink has also emerged. Although meats used to be cooked thoroughly as the norm, now diners seem to be requesting rare burgers. This rise in demand has led to food safety advice being issued by the Food Standards Agency to those eating burgers on the rare side and more importantly new legislation detailing the responsibility that commercial kitchens have and methods of best practice when serving up a pink patty for public consumption.

Getting the Most from Your Burgers

Thought to be one of the top 10 most Instagrammed foods it’s vital to not only achieve the best texture and flavour but also get the aesthetics right. While griddles will get the job done, many kitchens prefer to use a chargrill in order to produce that authentic branding that adds the final touch to a dish. Chargrills bring the taste and vibe of the barbecue season indoors all year round, without the mess.

To get the most from your burgers and really make your menu a hit it’s vital to invest in a commercial chargrill that’s up to the job. With so much choice available pinpointing the perfect model should be easy. With choices of gas or electric and countertop or floor standing and with a full range of sizes and features on offer there’s something to suit every budget.

Get Synergy Precision

For businesses that demand perfection where only the best will do, Synergy Grill are a force to be reckoned with – the unrivalled leaders of the field.

Synergy Grill’s emergence on to the market revolutionised chargrills and introduced major advancements with regards to performance and efficiency; areas that are continuously evolving and progressing with ongoing development. Utilising award winning technology, Synergy’s tagline ‘Clever Cooking’ has never been more apt. Offering the catering trinity of more power, less energy consumption and faster, better results, these grills the go-to equipment for businesses that demand the best.

Why Choose Synergy Grill?

Synergy Grill energy savings

  • Maximise efficiency and make average gas savings of 59%. Source: Synergy Grill
  • Fine-tuned performance for advanced operation and exemplary results.
  • At the core is a unique, patented gas burner system using a combination of gas and air, enhanced by a ceramic base around which other factors can flourish.
  • Introducing fat atomising technology so there’s no need for a fat tray making cleaning easier than ever before. With no fat to dispose of, Synergy equipment isn’t only powerful and efficient but also kinder to the environment.Synergy Grill SG630
  • Moisture is infused and locked into meats for juicier more succulent meats with less shrinkage.
  • The unique design delivers even heat for fast consistent results, improving service times whilst still achieving the best possible finish.
  • Eliminates black smoke typically associated with chargrilling. The fats atomise leaving a white smoke that puts reduced strain on kitchen ventilation resulting in less being spent on cleaning. Eradication of black smoke also prevents cross flavouring from occurring to achieve true, untainted flavours.
  • Air flow circulates around the grill to maintain cool surfaces even during use.
  • Manufactured in the UK using UK sourced materials.
  • Synergy offer free demos allowing kitchens to experience the excellence of Synergy Grill first hand.
  • 3 models available – the SG630, SG900, SG1300 each increasing in size and number of burners. Offering a plethora of accessories to personalise equipment, Synergy grills can be adapted to work effectively for every operation.

Revolutionise your business with a commercial chargrill and guarantee that the people’s favourite, the humble burger, continues to remain an undisputed stalwart on every menu.

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