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Top 5 Pieces of Cooking Equipment Every Commercial Kitchen Should Own



No fully functioning commercial kitchen should be without a few vital pieces of equipment, especially if they’re aiming for success. Whilst refrigeration, warewashing, storage, stainless steel prep counters, extraction and ventilation etc. are all major factors, let’s put them aside for now and concentrate on the nitty gritty, core area of the commercial kitchen – the larger cooking equipment that’s going to produce a full and varied menu range with outstanding professional results.

Obviously budget plays a big part in equipment choices. Chefs may want all singing, all dancing market leading equipment but it just won’t fit in to the budget. Don’t despair, all is not lost. Leasing is available to guarantee that any business can benefit from the equipment that best suits their needs without a large upfront cost. Repayments can be spread into easily manageable monthly instalments to lessen the financial blow. If leasing isn’t a desirable path, there is plenty of equipment available that’s up to the job but that won’t break the bank.

Catering Equipment for Every Commercial Kitchen

  • Combi Oven

A must have for any kitchen, combi ovens combine multiple pieces of cooking equipment into one unit. Whether steaming, roasting, baking, grilling or shallow frying, plus many other cooking styles, a combi oven can do it all. Commercial combination ovens on today’s market are designed to streamline services and guarantee that consistent, repeatable results are easily achieved. Introducing intelligent cooking, kitchens can simplify complicated cooking processes – it’s almost like having an extra chef in the kitchen.

Best On A Budget

Rational SelfCooking Centre 101G Combi Oven Rational SelfCooking Centre 101G Combi Oven

EKA Evolution Range – Producing a range of multifunctional equipment, there’s definitely more bang for the buck to be had when choosing EKA Evolution combination ovens. Delivering all of the essential technology that makes combi ovens a must have bit of kit but remaining remarkably simple to use, EKA are environmentally aware in their manufacturing processes and constantly striving to improve efficiency, all whilst keeping costs low.

Market Leader

Rational SelfCooking Centre – Offering advanced cooking technology, Rational SelfCooking Centres are combi ovens at their very best. Boasting market leading technology, the SCC range has the ability to learn from actual usage, taking the most used processes and making intelligent adjustments to guarantee the desired results are always achieved. Offering 5 Senses technology, iLevel Control for cooking mixed loads over multiple levels, iCC Cockpit to assist chefs with important information regarding cooking processes and ClimaPlus Control to achieve precision temperature and humidity levels, Rational have packed everything in to guarantee outstanding performance. What’s more, these units are self-cleaning, saving time and considerable elbow grease at the end of a busy service.

  • Commercial Fryer

Fried foods play a massive part in any menu whether creating delicious side dishes with the perfect amount of crunch or full on, all-out frying in a fish and chip shop. With a choice of sizes, capacities, power and design to choose from, there’s a commercial fryer to meet the demands of any kitchen. More recent developments in the fryer market mean that oil filtration is now playing a major role in commercial kitchens. Whether choosing integral filters or independent oil filtration systems, this is the way forward for businesses looking to extend oil life and save money.

Best On A Budget

Valentine EVO600 Single Tank Commercial Fryer Valentine EVO600 Single Tank Commercial Fryer

Parry – For over 40 years, Parry has made it their mission to meet every commercial kitchen requirement. Producing a full range of catering equipment, they are dedicated to putting the customers need first. Their range of commercial fryers includes both countertop and freestanding models with a choice of electric or gas power options. Manufactured with durability at the core (and a full 2 year parts and labour warranty to back it up), these frying work horses will always produce delicious results.

Market Leader

Valentine Evolution Range – Simply put, Valentine offer frying in its best form. ‘Designed by professionals for professionals’, the Evolution range has the perfect solution for any commercial kitchen. All models whether single or double tank are designed with a small cool zone meaning less oil is required to fill the pan, without compromising or diminishing output. Less oil means there’s less to heat and therefore running costs are reduced – always an appealing benefit. With rapid recovery times, high demand kitchens experience little down time and can keep rolling out fried foods all day long. Valentine offer a multitude of options to make sure every kitchen is in a position to enhance operations and propel sales of fried foods. Whether looking for standard or turbo models, with or without integrated filtration, automatic basket lifts or even computer controls for advanced performance, Valentine have got you covered and all with an astounding 3 year parts and labour warranty with 20 year tank guarantee.

  • Commercial Grill

Introducing an alternative cooking method for businesses that need more than an oven and hob, commercial grills are now an integral part of a modern restaurant kitchen. The perfect platform on which to produce a range of succulent meats, finding the right grill can mean big business. Giving food that authentic branded finish, a grill can add flair to any plate, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Although commonly associated with meats, grills can offer the versatility to produce a variety of menu items from delicate fish to wholesome vegetables.

Best On A Budget

Lincat – Delivering one of the most comprehensive selections of grills, including griddles and chargrills, Lincat have worked tirelessly to produce quality, high performing equipment at a competitive price. Whatever the desired visual result there’s a model available to answer the call, with smooth plates for when a clean finish is required, ribbed grids for distinct branding or a combination of both for ultimate versatility. All tried and tested in actual working kitchens, Lincat commercial grills slot in neatly with any professional operation.

Market Leader

Synergy SG900 Commercial Gas Grill Synergy SG900 Commercial Gas Grill

Synergy – Leading the field, Synergy have perfected and captured the commercial grill market. Ploughing experience, passion and dedication along with feedback from top chefs and exciting unique systems into one piece of equipment, Synergy have created an efficient, money saving gas grill that produces exquisite results and truly stands out from the crowd. Such is the success of these commercial grills there is the potential to make your initial investment back in savings alone within a couple of years. Promising features such as consistent, even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface, less shrinkage of foods with enhanced taste and succulence and fat atomising technology eliminating the need for a fat tray, this is an invaluable asset to any operation. Available in three sizes this range will sit well in any sized kitchen.

  • Commercial Range

Often considered the central focus of any catering operation, the combination of cooking top and oven makes the commercial range a versatile stalwart in any kitchen. Bringing together all cooking processes, chefs can perform the majority of tasks all from a single base unit. With a wide number of configurations available, finding the perfect piece is easy. Choose gas rings, solid top, induction, griddle top or combination surfaces along with single or double ovens – a veritable myriad of options to meet cooking requirements.

Best On A Budget

Charvet ONE Commercial Range Charvet ONE Commercial Range

Bartlett Yeoman Range – Manufactured to last, Bartlett ranges encompass all the essential features vital for performance in a catering operation. With a choice of gas hobs or an electric ceramic top, all with large capacity ovens, these ranges are primed for performance in any commercial setting.

Market Leader

Charvet – Designing equipment to suit the precise requirements of businesses, Charvet premier ranges are definitely the choice for kitchens searching for excellence. Packed with innovative features, delivering superior performance and reinforced by the brands renowned durability, kitchens definitely get what they pay for. To find out more about Charvet ONE, the PRO series or bespoke options, contact our sales team today.

  • Commercial Microwave

They might not be the biggest piece of equipment in a kitchen but commercial microwaves are fundamental to achieving streamlined processes and operational efficiency. Great for performing the little jobs that make a big difference to serving times, chefs can heat, steam, defrost or finalise dishes in minimum time. When kitchens require that little bit more oomph from their catering equipment, combination microwave ovens are ideal. Delivering added versatility and greater multi-level cooking capabilities, they act as worthy back-up and support for main combi ovens.

Best On A Budget

Merrychef Eikon e5C Catalyst Combination Microwave Oven Merrychef Eikon e5C Catalyst Combination Microwave Oven

Samsung – For times when straight forward microwaving is essential, Samsung have got you covered. Operating with greater power than domestic counterparts, this range of commercial microwaves is built with durability in mind. Giving consistent performance and even results, offer practicality in abundance.

Market Leader

Merrychef and Maestrowave Combi Chef 7 – Merrychef have been around for over 60 years, developing and progressing product lines into one of the most sought after in the catering industry today. Championing accelerated cooking, kitchens can expect results up to five times faster than with standard alternatives. Boasting ‘ultra-high efficiency’, the Eikon range combines convection oven and microwave for outstanding performance and consistent results. These advanced microwave ovens offer a choice of power, sizes and capacities to meet the demands of any kitchen. Also worthy of a mention is the Maestrowave Combi Chef 7. This compact microwave oven allows a combination of uses such as microwave and grill, microwave and convection, microwave and fan grill and microwave and grill convection. Using Menu Creator 2.0 software complete with SD card, entire menus can be produced at the touch of a button. Designed for true professionals, purchase of the Combi Chef 7 includes developmental chef support to optimise the equipment for individual business demands, guaranteeing chefs utilise this brilliant bit of kit to its fullest potential.

Catering equipment manufacturers understand that the requirements of every kitchen will differ hence the vast array of choice on the market. Models in all categories will typically differ on attributes such as size, capacity, power output, gas or electric supply, the level of features present as well as the obvious cost. The sheer volume of choice may seem over-whelming at the start however by carefully filtering down the different aspects that are important to each business, the perfect equipment that ticks all the boxes will soon present itself.

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