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Saving Money with Vito Oil Filtration


Any foodservice business with a commercial fryer knows that oil is a major expense. Rather than completely change and renew oil on a regular basis, investing in a high quality oil filtration system will not only provide consistent professional results but can also make sound financial sense.

By rejuvenating and filtering used oil, the life span is prolonged and the usability extended as well as offering the potential to produce better tasting foods and make substantial savings in the long run.

Vito Oil Filtration

A major driving force in the oil filtration market, Vito oil filtration systems have quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Robustly manufactured and undeniably effective, the units are designed with ease of use in mind. Hand held and compact yet delivering massive performance, oil filtration on a commercial scale has never been easier.

Benefits of Choosing Vito

Vito filtration systems effectively remove micro-particles as small as 5µm for cleaner, better tasting oil. There’s no need to wait till the end of service to attend to filtration; the Vito series can be used between operations if necessary with no need to cool the oil.

Maintaining frying oil for longer Vito reduces overall consumption, saving up to 50% on total oil Vito filtering oilcosts when compared to units without filtration. Not only can you save money on the quantity of oil required but also reduce the time spent cleaning, limit the cost of storing replacement oil and reduce the outlay of safely disposing of used oil.

The Vito range consists of versatile hand held units designed to work with all commercial fryers. This makes them perfect for use in any foodservice business regardless of the brand or model of existing frying equipment. Even if you replace your fryer at some point in the future, Vito will remain relevant and ready to facilitate savings.

A choice of models tailored to increasing demands is available. The Vito 30 is suitable for fryers up to 12 litres, the Vito 50 dealing with up to 20 litres of oil and the Vito 80 up to 45 litres.

Quick, simple, safe to use and you can make savings – what’s not to love!

Top Tip: The Vito filtration system is built to last. When buying, if you’re planning on expanding in the future, invest in an appropriate model to meet anticipated demands. By considering the projected growth of the business you ensure you won’t need to fork out for a replacement when requirements increase, even when your business model and frying equipment is changing.

Vito Savings

All Vito oil filtration systems will deliver monetary savings, the total generally being dependant on the model used and the frequency of filtration. As an example we looked at the Vito 50; a mid- size model suitable for fryers up to 20 litre oil capacity.

Let’s Do the Maths!

(based on figures from Vito Oil Filtration)

Oil consumption and cost without Vito filtration

(based on 4 drums per week at £20 per drum.)

Oil drumsPer week - £80

Per month - £320

Per year - £4160

Introduce Vito Oil Filtration System

(cost of initial investment)

Vito 50 Oil Filtration System Vito 50 Oil Filtration System   £2220*
Vito Oil Tester Vito Oil Tester  £430*
Vito Oil Filter Boxes Vito Filters (3 boxes per year)  £636*


Total investment £3286

* Prices correct at time of publishing

Savings at a glance:

Savings table

(based on Vito50 filtering fryer oil twice per day)

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 3 Year Analysis
Oil saving £2080 £2080 £2080 £6240
Labour £1274 £1274 £1274 £3822
Investment £3286 £636 £636 £4558
Total effect (oil saving+labour-investment) £68 £2718 £2718 £5504


Let’s break that down:

Estimated savings / yearly investment

Up to 50% oil cost saving - £2080 per year

Labour saving (@30 mins per day) - £1274 per year

Investment - year 1 £3286 (set up) - year 2 £636 (filters) - year 3 £636 (filters)

Projected overall savings

Over 3 years that’s a total estimated saving of up to £5504 (based on the example figures)

Not Just a Standalone Solution

While Vito certainly excels when going solo, it doesn’t have to be used as a standalone solution. It can also be utilised in addition to inbuilt fryer filtration as put into action by Burger King, with the aim of further enhancing potential savings. Recording an increase in monetary savings Burger King operated Vito as ‘a complimentary process’, using integral fryer systems at night and the Vito 80 for morning filtration. When combining filtration methods, fryer oil lasted on average an additional 2.5 - 3 days longer once Vito was introduced. Over the course of a year those few extra days soon mount up to a considerable saving. (Source: information provided by Vito)

If your business utilises frying oil, it’s vital to invest in the right filtration system guaranteed to not only deliver professional results but also generate considerable future savings. Vito oil filtration is the perfect solution.

To discuss Vito filtration systems for your business get in touch with our friendly sales team today.

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