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Making the Most Out of the Daily Grind


Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world today. Billions of people indulge in a warm cup of coffee every day for various reasons. The UK alone boasts about 95 million cups of coffee every day according to statistics. This translates to billions spent on the consumption of coffee around the world alone.

For someone running a commercial food establishment, including coffee on your menu is a great idea. It is not a secret that coffee is a massive seller and can be a real profit booster. Despite the benefits, however, it is not enough to simply sell coffee to your customers.

Things are changing and more people are becoming coffee connoisseurs. Drinking coffee is now a culture and part of the appeal is tied to the experience. People have more refined tastes and are only willing to go for the best, therefore, it is important to ensure that they enjoy the whole process.

Additionally, with the coming winter season, coffee is one of the best solutions for keeping warm during this cold and dark period. Therefore, make sure you can deliver the best and satisfy even the most ardent of coffee lovers.Cup of coffee with milk jug and coffee beans

How to Make your Coffee Stand Out

Investing in the best coffee and espresso machine is critical but so too is the way you prepare the beans themselves.

You can make your 'cup of joe' stand out by using the best coffee grinders in the market. The way you grind coffee beans can have a massive impact on the quality of the finished beverage. While the coffee machine you choose is a major factor, the type of grinder is also a vital consideration.

Take your time when picking the right grinder and make sure you set a healthy budget aside for the preparation of the beans and not just the brewing process. The good news is that it is possible to make an educated and informed decision about which grinders will work best for your coffee preparation.

You can either use a burr grinder or a blade grinder. Understanding how each of them works is vital to your business because they will influence the quality you sell and serve to your customers.

Here are some of the characteristics of each grinder as well as their differences.

Wooden manual coffee grinder

Blade Coffee Grinders

These come with a blade at the centre of the grinder that is propelled to grind the coffee beans into fine particles. They are also known as propeller grinders and are mainly used for domestic use. While there are low-cost blade grinders in the market, they are not easy to clean due to the nature of the blade. This makes them hard to use in a commercial setting.

Burr Coffee Grinder

Also known as the burr mill, the burr coffee grinder contains two abrasive surfaces that are used to grind the coffee beans into a fine powder. The surfaces are adjustable depending on the level of fineness of coffee you need. The closer they are together during the grinding process, the finer your coffee will be.

Burr grinders can either be operated by hand or by electricity. Hand operated burr grinders are costlier than their electric counterparts based on their aesthetic appeal. They are suitable for commercial or professional use because they provide uniform particles. This is because the beans are subjected to the same surface area during grinding.

Burr grinders can have different sized burrs. Larger burrs turn more slowly, causing less friction, therefore, creating less heat. Smaller burrs turn more quickly creating more friction and in turn, heat. They are sometimes thought to be slightly more consistent in the nature of their end product.

While Burr is best at giving greater consistency and better, richer and fuller flavours, make sure not to run it for too long. The longer the burrs spin the hotter they get which can burn the coffee grounds resulting in a bitterness that will detract from the overall quality of the beverage and the coffee experience.Coffee splashing over top of mug

Picking a Grinder

Your coffee needs to meet every quality threshold if you want to keep your customers coming back. It is important that you choose a brand that offers excellent quality at all times. Crem, known for its excellent quality commercial coffee machines, offers you the best quality of coffee for your professional needs. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, their innovative genius in the coffee industry is yet to be matched, making them one of the leaders in the field.

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