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Make Light Work of Veg Prep

Fresh vegetables are an important part of many meal preparations in many commercial kitchens. As a commercial kitchen owner, you may have experienced the surge in demand for vegetables in recent years.

The same is being experienced in many more food establishments across the country, with more people asking for vegetable-based dishes. It is important to take prompt action to ensure that you meet your customers’ demands.

From a business aspect, there’s always a massive focus on fresh vegetables for a number of reasons. These include;Vegetables as pizza topping

  • Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and meal choices are on the rise. Therefore, delivering a tempting menu that caters for this could really boost profits and make sure you get a piece of this major food trend. In fact, according to plantbasedfood, the demand for meat-free food increased by more than 900% since 2017. This shows an increasing trend in vegan-based diets which you could capitalize on.
  • Society’s focus on a healthier lifestyle and the obesity epidemic has also shed more light on the importance of vegetable dishes. Currently, obesity continues to ravage through, not only the adult population but also children and the youth. Millions of children and teenagers are becoming obese by the year. This is happening because it is getting notoriously difficult to get the younger generation to stick to healthier eating lifestyles especially when they are more interested in fast or processed food.Roast dinner with beef, potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding
  • At this time of year, commercial kitchens have higher quantities of vegetables to prepare. This is, perhaps, more so than at any other time of the year thanks to a month of Christmas roasts with all the trimmings or vegetarian and vegan alternatives being the go-to menu choice for everyone.
  • There’s an increased awareness on the benefits of having a vegetable diet. Doctors and nutrition experts are increasingly encouraging people to eat more vegetables. Such expert advice helps reinforce the growing vegetarian and vegan culture that is on the rise worldwide.

A combination of all of these factors makes now the perfect time to address your vegetable preparation processes and techniques in your commercial kitchen.

Tools that make your Veg Prep Work Easier

Most people do not associate vegetable dishes with fun or innovation. They are used to the same old boring dishes with little creativity on the preparation. However, technology is changing things in the kitchen.

For starters, it has reduced the amount of time and energy taken to prepare vegetable dishes. It has also made it possible to make vegetables more presentable to customers with new styles, shapes and finishes. You can make use of this technology in your commercial kitchen to save time and increase efficiency in your kitchen.

Vegetable preparation machines make light work of this otherwise time-consuming task. These essential kitchen appliances deliver precision en masse and in a shorter time frame than is otherwise possible. They also help you eliminate unnecessary waste caused by taking chunks of the vegetable off along with the skin during over-exuberant manual peeling.

Chefquip CQ-400 Veg Prep Machine with vegetables Chefquip CQ-400 Veg Prep Machine

Commercial veg prep machines let you liven up boring dishes with shavings, spirals or swirls or alternatively stick to slices or dices – whatever works best for your menu, thus making sure you are ready to tackle those mounds of vegetables with ease.

Here are just some of the results you could accomplish with a veg prep machine

  • Slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables using a wide selection of blades from Robot Coupe will help make vegetables more appealing to your customers. The discs are able to make different cuts and sizes depending on your menu or the specifications of your customers.
  • You can use ChefQuip CQ-400 Veg Prep Machine complete with a huge choice of shredding discs to prepare leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and cabbage. The cutting discs work fast thus saving you time in your commercial kitchen.
  • Peel and slice vegetables such as potatoes using the Metcalfe line of peelers and slicers.
  • With a large range of discs available with Sammic Vegetable Prep Machines, you can cut vegetables into any and all shapes and sizes.

It is up to you as a business owner to use every advantage to make sure that people enjoy vegetable and vegan dishes in your establishment. Put an end to manual scraping and peeling and eliminate the long hours of elbow grease required to prep for a busy service.

By using veg prep machines, you will not only have reduced the amount of work and time required to prepare vegetables for your customers, but you will also be able to make presentable dishes which add value to your business.

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