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Combi Oven Cover from One Leap Year to the Next


When you open a restaurant or a pub you need to invest in high quality commercial kitchen equipment. The global market for commercial kitchens is estimated to reach around approx. £85.4 billion ($112 billion) by 2025. The hospitality industry is undergoing a technology-driven transformation as the new commercial appliances offer more than the last generation. One of the most important machines you need when you own a restaurant or a pub is an oven, more specifically, a combination oven. Knowing how to pick the best one for your business can make a huge difference.

Understanding the Different Types of Ovens

Silver oven with solid door and black handle

There are many main types of ovens: standard ovens, convection ovens, steam ovens, conveyor ovens and combination ovens.

Commercial kitchens are equipped with at least one of these types of ovens, depending on the chef's needs and the menu they serve. Standard and convection ovens rely on dry heat for cooking. Conveyor ovens have an added function: they use a conveyor belt to move the food through the oven during cooking. Steam ovens use steam for cooking, making them some of the fastest machines on this list.

Combination ovens are gaining popularity among pub and restaurant owners thanks to their enhanced capabilities. A combi oven is a mix between a steamer and a convection oven, which makes it a versatile machine in commercial kitchens. The steamer function of the oven can be used for poaching and steaming, while the oven is also used for dry air cooking, such as roasting or baking.

The special thing about a combi oven is their ability to use both functions at the same time. This enables the cook to control the level of humidity during the cooking, which means less meat shrinkage and better cooking times. An added benefit of this combination cooking method is the fact meat preserves its juices, for more tender results.

Talking Warranty

Hospitality entrepreneurs prefer combi ovens over all the other types of ovens, thanks to their versatility and the ability to combine multiple pieces of equipment into a single footprint. One of the best combi ovens on the market right now is the Unox combination oven.

Unox combi ovens come with a series of added benefits, which give them a massive appeal to busy chefs who demand professional results. One of the unique advantages being the opportunity to extend the warranty cover received.

Most commercial catering equipments have a 1 or 2 year warranty. While Unox combi ovens have a 1 year full parts and labour warranty as standard, they have the added benefit of extending this cover if required. When Unox engineers install the equipment, you get an additional 2 years full parts and labour warranty. These ovens also have the ability to connect to WiFi or Ethernet and when you choose to connect the oven you get an additional 4 years parts warranty as standard. This extended level of commercial catering equipment cover gives you peace of mind from one leap year to the next.

Unox oven with croissants inside and a chef

Perfection Guaranteed

Catering equipment from Unox has five advanced technologies designed to improve their performance and turn any dish into a gourmet meal.

  • Adaptive cooking measures the amount of food cooked and adjusts the cooking options to make sure all the food is cooked to perfection, no matter how many trays are there in the oven.
  • Climalux measures the humidity levels and adjusts the steam, so the food is cooked at the desired humidity.
  • Auto soft regulates the temperature rise for optimal heat distribution.
  • Smart preheating adjusts the settings to have the perfect preheating conditions.
  • Sense Klean estimates the level of dirtiness of the oven and suggests the best cleaning method.

These functions make the use of Unox combi ovens a lot easier and more intuitive, which is a great benefit in a crowded commercial kitchen where the chef needs to watch multiple machines at the same time.

Unox combination ovens can be used as both steam ovens in steam mode and convection ovens in dry mode, as well as both at the same time in mixed mode. These functions allow you to cook to perfection, preserving a crispy exterior whilst the inside remains juicy. Steam mode can be used to cook vegetables, rice and fish, preserving their natural vitamins and minerals. The mix mode can be used for long cooking or to balance the amount of humidity in a dish.

All these functions make the Unox combi ovens a must-have appliance in every commercial kitchen, as they offer precision cooking at professional standards.

Two combi ovens side by side Unox Cheftop and Bakertop Combi Ovens

Unox Cheftop and Bakertop

Two of the most popular products from Unox are the Cheftop and Bakertop ovens.

The Cheftop combi oven has some of the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, which provides support during cooking, making the oven easy to use even by the less experienced staff members. The oven has many automatic programs which make cooking easier than ever. The Cheftop combi oven is best for restaurants, hotel kitchens and other types of catering businesses.

The Bakertop combi oven from Unox is the ultimate must-have appliance for commercial kitchens specialising in baked goods and pastries. These ovens are designed to offer baking uniformity and high precision of the temperature control. The easy to use control panel ensures every tray is baked to perfection, regardless of the baking load, thanks to the Adaptive Cooking function.

Aluminium tray with ribbed surface Unox Aluminium Plate for pizza

The Bakertop combi oven is the best oven for bakeries and other venues which serve pastries and bakery products due to its versatility. It allows you to cook dry products, such as biscuits, meringues and puff pastry, as well as products with higher humidity, such as croissants, bread and sponge cake. It also has a steam function so you can pre-bake pizza or other ingredients needed to fill baked products. In fact with a simple tray accessory, featuring one flat side and ribbed side, kitchens can replicate the results of specialised pizza oven directly from your combi. 

The oven is one of the most used kitchen equipment in any restaurant or pub, so picking the right model and the right brand is essential for your business. Unox combi ovens meet every chef's needs, combining efficiency with ease of use for professional cooking standards and all whilst offering an extended warranty cover to see you from one leap year to the next.

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