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Catering for the Masses at Christmas


What Could Go Wrong? | The Answer to Large Scale Catering | Enjoy Rational Expertise | Have a Rational Christmas

Christmas, that festive time of year filled with seasons greetings, Santa, snow (hopefully) and … socialising. Anticipated numbers of social commitments rise exponentially – everyone frequenting nearby restaurants, pubs and bars more regularly than at any other time of the year, whether related to work, social or family commitments. Indulging in copious amounts of good food and drink has become almost as traditional as the holiday itself.

With so many people flocking to pubs and restaurants, all expecting food, not just in the run-up to the big day but on Christmas Day itself, there’s extra pressure on the kitchen, bar and waiting staff. Every guest demands punctual service, a minimal wait at the bar and delicious fare. A shortfall in any of these areas could dampen party-goers Christmas spirit.

Make sure your business is prepared and well equipped to get through the festive season without a hitch.

What Could Go Wrong?

Kitchens are expected to produce massive quantities of food over the Christmas period and all to exacting standards. Catering for the substantial increase in turnover can be a monumental task, especially when only consistent, high quality results are good enough. So, what can potentially go wrong?

Not enough ingredients, lack of preparation? OK that’s a deficiency in the planning department, but what about the actual cooking?

Although mistakes rarely happen, the hustle and bustle of large-scale preparation and the sheer quantity of food being cooked can occasionally lead to staff taking their eye off the ball. It sounds obvious, but it’s imperative to avoid being at the centre of one of those horror story cases of food poisoning that you hear about at Christmas. You know the ones, that get splashed over the news? Not only is the guests’ Christmas ruined but you could incur heavy fines and worse; the business’ reputation undoubtedly suffering as a result.

Effortless catering en masse doesn’t need to be a struggle; there is equipment out there that can make large-scale feeding a breeze and all in an acceptable time frame. Precision results come down to planning, discipline, preparation and perhaps, most importantly choice of equipment.

The Answer to Large Scale Catering

Not only is the scale of food production amplified but also the pressure of catering to all tastes. A surge in dietary choices and requirements mean that the pressure’s on to deliver a menu suitable for everyone including vegetarians, vegans and gluten free-ers and all with comprehensive ingredient labelling for those with allergies.

Top Tip: With so many dishes being prepared make sure your kitchen is organised and adequate measures are in place to prevent cross contamination.

Let intelligent and reliable equipment take the strain, automating notoriously stressful services and allowing chefs to use their culinary flair elsewhere in the kitchen. Eliminate manual mistakes and user error with equipment that’s quick, simple and safe to use during the rush.

No accidentally turning up the temperature and ending with charred remains or similarly suffering from too low settings resulting in under-cooked (or not cooked) food. Side step substandard dishes that could dampen the celebrations and guarantee yours hits the mark every time.

Rational is the superior choice for professional chefs that take high quality food seriously. Capable of producing large quantities of food to exceptional standards, it’s like having an extra chef in the kitchen – an additional expert pair of hands to lighten the load. Make sure that offering a full menu of dishes doesn’t cause a logistical nightmare with Rational.

Enjoy Rational Expertise

With the SelfCooking Centre and VarioCooking Center sitting pride of place in the product line-up, Rational have got large scale catering covered. Both are packed with advanced features boasting models and capacities to suit every size and style of business.

SelfCooking Centre in the Spotlight

An advanced multi-functional combination oven designed to perform 95% of typical cooking functions and all within a single unit; the SelfCooking Centre can potentially do the work of up to 50% of standard single function pieces of equipment in a kitchen. Whether you choose to replace individual units altogether and free up valuable space or operate traditional cooking equipment in addition to the combi oven to boost production capabilities, Rational will always fit right in.

As part of Rational’s WhiteEfficiency range, the SelfCooking Centre demonstrates the brands dedication to a greener, healthier planet.

Key Features

  • iCookingControl recognizes the size, quantity and condition of food, determining the best process to achieve the desired finish. Able to intelligently correct cooking conditions and adjust cooking times according to usage, perfection is achieved as standard.
  • HiDensityControl monitors oven conditions and intelligently adapts to the food’s requirements. Delivering even heat distribution and air circulation, consistent evenly cooked food is guaranteed. Also assisting with retention of moisture, ingredients undergo less shrinkage for better overall results.
  • iLevelControl means that a varied menu selection with plenty of choice needn’t cause a headache. Allowing multi-level cooking, each tier is individually monitored meaning that a variety of dishes can be cooked simultaneously. When a level is ready, the unit will signal either by displaying a message on the screen or by using a flashing light system. Giving information about which foods can be cooked together, this mixed loading feature allows kitchens to produce a greater range of dishes all from just one piece of equipment.
  • Advanced self-teaching capabilities mean that the SelfCookingCenter is able to adapt to actual usage, making minor adjustments where necessary based on previous practices. To keep you fully informed iCCMessenger notifies of any changes that have been made while the iCCMonitor gives an overview of current operational settings.
  • The massive memory potential means that an entire menus worth of cooking processes can be programmed where necessary, each with multiple steps – the most used programs available at your fingertips, making hi-tech accessible to everyone.
  • Designed with easy to use, concise touch screen controls, every feature can be accessed in one convenient location. Once the equipment is set up and programmed to individual preferences, even untrained staff can prepare professional grade dishes with a simple touch of a screen. Including a precision probe tool, core temperatures can be accurately monitored for increased food safety.
  • Featuring a USB port, recipes can be quickly uploaded and equipment updated with revised programs and HACCP data to ensure your combination oven is always running to the latest specifications.
  • At the end of service enjoy the self-cleaning CareControl program with descaling function. Able to run overnight with no need for supervision, take the strain out of cleaning at a time that suits you.

Focus on the VarioCooking Center

Ideal for bulk production, the VarioCooking Center delivers versatility by the pan-ful. Based on a bratt pan design, chefs can shallow fry, boil, sous vide, braise, blanch, steam, confit and deep fry in large quantities, effortlessly tilting foods out once cooked.

The Rational Multificiency promise guarantees maximum cooking versatility and maximum efficiency for a market leading piece of catering equipment.

Key Features

  • VarioCookingControl monitors cooking processes, making minor adjustments when necessary. There’s no need for supervision meaning that the VarioCooking Centre can put to work overnight if required. The intelligent system only asks for assistance and chef intervention when foods need turning, ingredients need adding or the perfect finish has been achieved.
  • VarioBoost technology is on hand to deliver an additional boost of power, minimising heat up times and guaranteeing rapid results. Capable of searing up to 40% more meat than conventional equipment in a single use, chefs not only increase production rates but also benefit from retained moisture and up to 17% less ingredient weight loss. Pressure cooking options are available on selected models to further reduce cooking times when you need superb results fast.
  • Boasting an autolift feature, food is automatically raised once the desired finish is achieved, preventing overcooking especially when chefs can’t attend to foods immediately.
  • Enjoy automatic filling of the pan with precision quantities of water thanks to a VarioDose addition, further minimising the manual input required during busy services. With an integrated outlet drain, placement is easy and convenient with no need for a floor drain nearby.
  • Benefit from simple touch screen controls; totally self-explanatory making it quick and easy for any kitchen staff to operate when the going gets tough in busy kitchens. Supplied with a precision temperature probe, food safety remains a prime factor.
  • Designed with unheated sides, troublesome food sticking to surfaces is a thing of the past and with even heat distribution, overcooking or burning in ‘hot spots’ is eliminated.
  • Boasting a USB port, programs and most used cooking processes, even those with multiple steps, can be stored ready for selection. Making logging and documenting HACCP data simple, your kitchen is in safe hands.

Have a Rational Christmas

Both the SelfCooking Centre and VarioCooking Center are leading a new wave of superior combination cooking, emerging as the professionals’ choice for multi-functional cooking where only expert results will do.

Be Part of Rational LiveRational

Don’t just take our word for it - Rational host free to attend demonstrations around the country, allowing you to experience Rational excellence first hand with no obligation to buy. Offering free onsite training, this brand is dedicated to enhancing the catering industry and providing a first-class service to customers. An app is also available giving recipe ideas, handy tips, a wealth of ‘how-to’ videos and general advice about how to get the most from equipment. ConnectedCooking allows remote access to both the SCC and VCC – just pair a smart phone, tablet or PC and monitor and control kitchen processes with ease. By choosing Rational you’re not just getting an exceptional piece of equipment to revolutionise your business but also the confidence of ongoing support from professionals.

Guarantee your menu is cooked to perfection without all the stress; make sure Christmas catering goes without a hitch and put the Rational SelfCooking Center and VarioCooking Centre in your stocking.

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