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Backing British with Commercial Catering Equipment


With so much uncertainty surrounding the impending Brexit deal and the plight of companies during the COVID epidemic, there are now more reasons than ever to think about where you get your supplies. Although there are many overseas companies that can and will supply your business, with a little research, you can find the same products and quality in the UK.

Here are some of the ways you can support your local companies and why they need your help.

Helping the Economy

One of the biggest reasons for supporting British products is the boost that it will give the economy. With the lockdown closing many businesses for several months, there has been an enormous strain, leading to job losses and companies closing their doors for good.

The best solution is to try and find the products you are looking for right here in the UK, manufactured on home soil. If possible, you can also get local companies and suppliers on board, especially for food products. Not only will this further support the UK economy but, in terms of food, will also guarantee extra freshness for your customers.Now hiring signpost

Creating Jobs

With many companies having to balance their books, there is a real risk that employees will lose their jobs, especially when the furlough scheme ends. However, by starting to use British companies for your supplies and equipment, then it could help to protect jobs and may lead to the creation of new jobs to meet demand.

This has a knock-on effect on the businesses you support. They will then be able to recruit more, and ensure that skills and experience aren’t lost.

Environmental Impact

As well as the current problems, there is also the ongoing issue of the environment and how businesses can play their part. There are many ways that business owners can turn their company greener, and one way is to start investing in UK based goods instead of internationally manufactured products. This will help to lower the impact of the transportation needed to get the goods to you, plus it may encourage others to do the same.

Positive Customer Image

Creating a good image with your customers is vital to get them using your business and keep them coming back. As well as offering a good customer experience and quality products, you may also need to consider supporting local companies and homegrown manufacturing. Many customers are growing concerned about their local community, so by supporting them and companies on a wider national scale, you are sending out a positive message. It is small choices like these that can often make the difference for customers, so make sure they’re aware of your business values, what you are doing and what changes you intend to make in the future. Social media can be a great way to get the message across to your customer base.

UK Commercial Catering Equipment

Companies in the hospitality sector such as restaurants and bars will already understand the benefits and indeed the importance of buying high-quality catering equipment. Not only will it have a longer working life, but it will also be less prone to breakdown and will deliver optimum performance and efficiency. There are several British catering equipment companies that can offer innovative design together with a high-quality product and they all manufacture their products right here in the UK.


Synergy SG900D Grill Synergy SG900D Grill

Synergy produces ground-breaking technology designed to create fuel-efficient gas grills. They have also improved the way the fat is collected by creating fat atomising systems that means less cleaning.

They have created award-winning equipment such as the Synergy SG900D Gas Chargrill that uses a mixture of gas and air to achieve better fuel efficiency and performance. It also features the company’s fat atomising technology that eliminates the need for a fat tray. The residue from the cooking process is simply vacuumed out when cool. This means less time cleaning and better-tasting food.

Synergy have continued to develop and innovate their product range, setting themselves firmly as leaders in the commercial catering grill market.

Parry MSF9 Hot Cupboard with door open Parry MSF9 Hot Cupboard


For the past forty years, Parry has been manufacturing high-quality stainless steel fabricated products designed with the consumer in mind. Their range of products includes fryers such as the Parry NPDF9 Twin Fryer which is specifically designed to sit on a countertop for ease of use.

They also manufacture a range of commercial kitchen tables, sink units, and heated units such as the Parry MSF9 Top Heated Cupboard. These units are ideal for times when you cannot have a full complement of staff in the kitchen area because of social distancing. They are designed to keep plated meals warm and ready for service. This allows kitchens to create more meals in advance and save time.

Lincat OE7503 Atmospheric Steamer with door open showing trays of food Lincat OE7503 Atmospheric Steamer



Lincat has been manufacturing high-quality commercial catering equipment since 1971. During that time, they have designed a range of products including countertops, gas hobs, and the Lincat OE7503 Electric Atmospheric Steamer.

The Atmospheric Steamer is the ideal solution for businesses that need to cook large orders in bulk. It can steam vegetables, rice, puddings, and many other products. By using equipment like this, you can cook multiple foods at the same time, and use less energy than you would if you used multiple pieces of equipment. Because the steamer is so easy to use, there is also less time spent training and more time cooking.

The majority of businesses are struggling and finding it tough in the current environment, which means that business owners need to help and support one another and protect jobs. By backing British commercial catering equipment manufacturers you can benefit from high quality, high performance equipment while also boosting our national economy.

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