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    Safety Equipment

    Safety Equipment

    All forms of safety in the workplace is essential to protect not only your employees and customers but also the business itself. Failing to follow certain protocols could see your business having to answer to higher authorities. Whether you are looking for first aid kits or accident books you will find it all here in one convenient location.

    By law every business should always have one trained first aider on the premises during every shift. Should there be any injury or medical emergency this person should have the knowledge of how to deal with the incident correctly. Without the appropriate materials to work with such as burns kits, dressings and first aid kits, even the most competent first aider will struggle to perform their task to a satisfactory standard.

    The presence of a HMSO accident book is vital so that any accidents or incidents whether to a member of staff or a customer can be recorded should the information be required at a later date.

    Fire safety is another area which must be fully catered to. Restaurants and food establishments are prime locations for accidental fires and burns and so it is important for all staff on duty to understand the fire safety procedures and be able to implement them should the time arise.

    All products within our range meet government regulations and incorporate everything which might be needed. We also supply items singularly to restock any existing first aid kit.

    Our aim is to pass on the best discounts and lowest possible prices to our customers, working hard to ensure that low cost doesnt equate to reduced quality and effectiveness. All of our products comply with the required safety standards and are used in many businesses around the country.

    Dont make compromises with your safety equipment just to pay the lowest price possible! Our range can give you quality products without the high price tags.