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    Cleaning Hardware

    Cleaning Hardware

    Hygienic, sanitary conditions are critical in any business that deals with the provision of food to the public. Strict laws and regulations detail the high standard at which all elements of the business must run. In order to achieve these high standards we offer the most reliable equipment possible. Whether you are looking for mops, brushes or grill cleaners along with all of the accessories you will need, it can all be found here.

    With products from industry leading brands such as Lotus, Jantex and Buffalo we can guarantee that you can maintain a high standard of hygiene throughout every area of your business. All pieces are reliable and what is better we aim to bring them to you for the lowest prices possible.

    With an extensive range of products available not only will you find large industrial bins and containers for various forms of restaurant waste, slip resistant mats, hand washing dispensers and heavy duty cleaning gloves that will offer protection during the daily cleaning routines but also many other products that will ensure you are able to give your business a well-rounded clean.

    We constantly keep a close eye on our competitors prices to ensure that we offer the most competitive rates possible, bringing our discounts directly to you. Our primary goal is to give our customers the highest quality products at prices that wont cripple tight budgets.

    We understand that durability and effectiveness is essential for all cleaning products and so we select our range by ensuring that they have had rigorous testing in a working restaurant environment. If they prove to be up to the job, they are of a standard to appear in our product pages.

    Dont sacrifice health and safety in your business by purchasing products that are substandard. With amazing products at low prices, we can meet all of your demands and requirements.