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    Soap and Soap Dispensers

    Soap and Soap Dispensers

    Hygiene and sanitation has never been more important than in businesses today. Laws and regulations mean that a superior standard must be adhered to in all businesses not only for the safety of customers but also staff. For this reason effective soap and soap dispensers are critical for every premise's.

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    • Spray Soap Lotion

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    • Spray Soap

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    • Spray Soap Dispenser

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    Personal hygiene not only keeps individuals safe from bugs and bacteria but also prevents cross contamination potentially affecting multiple people. All of our soap and soap dispensers can ensure that your business meets acceptable standards and regulations for hygiene and sanitisation.

    We offer 2 styles of soap dispenser; the Rubbermaid Flex Soap Dispenser 500ml and the Lotus Spray Soap Dispenser. Both can be wall mounted for optimum use and convenience and dispense only what is needed reducing waste and therefore money expenditure. The Lotus product features a compact design making it suitable for even the smallest of spaces. The Rubbermaid dispenser allows for adjustable portion control ensuring that waste is minimal. The pure white materials used for manufacture reflect cleanliness and hygiene and are easy to wipe clean ensuring a constant pristine appearance.

    Quality soaps are vital for use in conjunction with soap dispensers. The Lotus refills which we supply are designed for use with the Lotus Soap Spray Dispenser. Available as both spray soap and spray soap lotion, you can tailor the hygiene equipment to the area of the business. The lotion provides optimum cleaning and ultimate moisture for public use whilst the spray soap kills bacteria and is suitable for any busy food preparation area.

    We offer quality products for the best possible prices ensuring that any business can purchase premium hygiene items regardless of budget. As these products are available with a next day delivery as standard you can put your purchases to good use in the shortest time frame available.