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    Laundry Cleaning Products

    Cleanliness and hygiene in all aspects of the hospitality industry should be a main priority. All hotels will have large quantities of laundry, all of which needs to be washed to the highest standards. Any residual marks will result in your guests refusing to return in the future. We supply a range of products all designed for commercial use to achieve premium results.

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    2 Item(s)

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    Large volumes of sheets, towels, bath mats and shower curtains etc. must be cleaned on a daily basis making it essential to use products which guarantee perfect results with just one wash. Likewise in restaurants there will be a constant need for clean tea towels, dish cloths and oven mitts etc. Whilst the volume might not be as high as in a hotel, they still require the upmost attention.

    We supply biological laundry cleaning products which are designed to achieve industry leading standards. Each product can be used in any washing machine and the industrial sizes mean that there is enough product to use for approximately 90 washes.

    Not only can we offer the perfect way to clean your linens but also products to achieve the ultimate softness. The 5 litre capacity of both types of fabric softener ensures that your materials will be as soft as when you first bought them.

    Our ultra-low prices mean that you can be assured of quality results with every wash. Not only will your linens be immaculately clean but will also create the most delightful scent for your guests.

    For results that your business can be proud of, look no further than our laundry cleaning product range.