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    Cleaning Chemicals

    Cleaning Chemicals

    Whichever sector of the food industry you work in maintaining hygiene is critical. All aspects will need sanitising and cleaning on a regular basis to ensure food safety for your guests as well as a hygienic environment for employees and customers alike. With strict regulations enforced by the Food Standards Agency it is vital that you equip your business with the necessary cleaning chemicals.

    Our range includes products which deal with every aspect of the workplace from refrigeration and catering equipment to glasses and surfaces. Our selection of products comes from some of the industry's leading suppliers including CIF, Brillo, Jantex and Domestics meaning that you are in safe hands when it comes to your business's hygiene.

    Whether you need kitchen cleaners, floor care products, glass/stainless steel cleaners, bar cleaning products, detergents, polishes or soaps we have it all located conveniently in one place. Our competitive prices mean that your cleaning needs can be met for a discounted cost leaving your business gleaming and your finances healthy.

    We don't only offer the essential cleaning chemicals but also practical spray bottles for easy use and consistent dispersion and disinfectant wipes for quick clean-up operations. Personal hygiene is vital in an environment that deals with food and the public and for this reason we also supply hand disinfectant to ensure that no germs are spread around the kitchen or front of house area potentially infecting other people.