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    Picnic Benches

    Picnic Benches

    Beautifully designed outdoor social areas can really draw in the customers through the spring and summer months. Providing quality picnic benches can create an area that is welcoming, friendly and best of all sociable. The versatility afforded by these pieces mean that they can be used in multiple settings and for many different uses.

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    When the sun comes out people automatically want to make the most of it and flock to find outdoor areas that can provide comfort and more importantly hospitality. Warm weather seems to have a magical ability to encourage sociability; people are generally happier and will interact with other people even if they don't know them. A well designed outdoor seating area can encourage this mood and provide the ideal meeting place for those out to enjoy the sun.

    Typically associated with beer gardens and picnic areas, wooden benches can blend in seamlessly with the surrounding environment. All picnic benches in our range have been built with safety, reliability and durability in mind ensuring that your furniture, with the proper care, can last for years to come. Seasonal treatments such as varnish and protective oil brushed on to the wood will offer increased protection against the elements all year round.

    With a selection of designs, styles and sizes available you will find the perfect piece to complement your business. Each as a standard parasol hole located in the centre to hold large umbrellas providing much needed shade and in the winter can even be used to secure outdoor heaters, making these items suitable for year round use.

    Our prices are maintained at the most competitive rate to ensure that your business can find the perfect product to suit the available budget. The majority of products are available with a standard next day delivery meaning that you can put your purchases to use in the shortest time possible. Any delivery will be made free of charge for all orders made over �200 excluding VAT providing extra savings and increased value for money.

    Manufactured from sustainable hard wood these benches are built to last and will prove a wise investment for any business encouraging alfresco dining and sociable drinking.