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    Chef Supplies

    Chef Supplies

    You may have the best chefs around but without high quality chef supplies they will not be able to work their magic in the kitchen. With a comprehensive range of supplies to choose from you can guarantee that satisfaction is common place both with your customers and even the most demanding chef.

    Ever tried to chop, peel, dice or pare with an inappropriate tool and still expected top notch results? Basically, it's never going to happen! Without the proper equipment you are never going to achieve perfection so taking time to ensure that you select quality pieces is essential. Look no further! Our entire range has been tried and tested in some of the toughest commercial kitchens in the country and has been selected for its quality and durability.

    Whether your business specialises in baking and pastries, fish, meats or vegetables we have all the equipment you will need. The more mainstream products speak for themselves however the vacuum pack machines, screen guards and muslin cloths etc. are sometimes overlooked. To guarantee that your kitchen is prepared for everything take time to browse through our range to ensure that you have every base covered. If you think you may have missed something our team, who have fully kitted out many types of kitchen before can offer you competent advice about any additional items that you may find useful.

    It isn't all about the knives; our products also include everything from cookware and baking accessories to food storage solutions and hundreds of pieces in between. The brands available such as Sabatier, Global, Vogue and Bourgeat are recognised as producing not only quality products but also safe and hygienic items making them the perfect choice for any commercial kitchen.

    Our competitive prices mean that you can afford the premium products without breaking the bank. Your ingredients and dishes can be prepared with skill and precision resulting in the maximum effect being achieved for your business and your customers.