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    Tables, Sinks & Shelving

    Tables, Sinks & Shelving

    Your food may be fantastic but without the appropriate food preparation surfaces and storage for cooking utensils your kitchen will never run smoothly. If there is chaos in the kitchen your restaurant will never reach full earning capacity. You can have the most high tech equipment on the market but without ample work space to prepare the ingredients your chefs skills will be compromised.

    Whether you require shelving for storage, work stations or sinks we can provide it all. From some of the leading brands in the industry such as Vogue, Parry and Lincat our range of products all guarantee high quality, reliability and durability. With the majority of products already being used to maximum effect in professional kitchens around the country, they have proven themselves to be efficient at organising and arranging your kitchen supplies. All equipment is made from stainless steel to ensure that high levels of hygiene can be maintained at all times. The performance levels of all pieces are guaranteed and with amazing prices to match, there is a product to suit everyone's requirements.

    With a range of sizes available there is something for any business no matter the size and with extra storage space you can maximise the area you have to work with. Work stations with integrated storage can perform duel functions and can even help to speed up operations as staff no longer need to fetch items from across the kitchen during their preparation; everything they need is stored handily right where they are.

    Our highly competitive prices mean that you can equip your commercial kitchen with everything you need including the all-important extras such as extractor fans, spray arms and drinking fountains plus much more.

    If you require any assistance with your purchase or are just hoping for a bit of advice our dedicated team are here to help and solve any queries you may have.