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    Heavy Cooking Equipment

    Heavy Cooking Equipment

    At the core of every commercial kitchen is a range of heavy duty cooking equipment. This area represents a major investment and so getting it right first time is essential for businesses. With a hefty price tag we understand that reliability, durability and quality are expected as standard and as we aim to please, we have a range of products from many leading brands to accommodate every requirement and expectation, all at highly competitive prices.

    With Rational, Whirlpool, Falcon, Lincat and Parry units available you can be sure that you are in safe hands and that your equipment will be manufactured to the highest standard. These brands have been tried and tested in commercial kitchens the length and breadth of the country and have proved their worth.

    With various sizes available we have exactly the product you need in your kitchen no matter what the size. The option to choose which fuel type, how many burners and whether the doors are glass or solid are just a few of the options which allow you to almost customise your heavy duty cooking equipment specifically to your requirements.

    Breakdowns can be a real concern for businesses that rely on these pricy pieces of equipment for the day to day running of their restaurants. To take away any stress and pressure from you, engineering teams are available around the country and will get to you as quickly as possible should you have any unforeseen problems, getting your business back up and running in the shortest time possible.

    For any additional support our dedicated team are here to offer help and advice with the full understanding that your business is of paramount importance.