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Catering Equipment

Catering equipment is the foundation of every kitchen. Whether you are serving light meals, beverages, full dinners or snacks, it's vitally important to have equipment that is both reliable and efficient in order to get the most out of your staff and deliver sterling service to your customers. 

Successful businesses rely on quality commercial catering equipment and supplies. With the market being so vast it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for with something to suit all budgets, every size of premises and each level of demand.

Lincat natural gas range oven

Just a few different types of equipment

  • Stainless Steel Tables; Manufactured to offer durability, strength and overall hygiene, our tables are perfect for any professional kitchen or catering operation.
  • Commercial Microwaves; A core piece of equipment in any professional kitchen, our range of commercial grade models are ultra efficient and designed to perform in busy settings. With a selection of sizes, capacities and power to choose from, the perfect model for all requirements is easily found.
  • Catering Sinks; Maximise kitchen hygiene and food safety in all food preparation areas with our selection of sinks; available to suit all sizes & designs of commercial kitchens.
  • Commercial Ovens; An essential piece of kitchen equipment, our ovens are designed to meet all demands. With so many options to choose from it's easy to locate the perfect oven to complement your style, meet your cooking requirements and guarantee exceptional performance and repeatable results. 
  • Commercial Fryers; Achieve perfect frying results with this range of fryers. Whether looking for freestanding or counter top, gas or electric models, we can supply the ideal product for any sized business.
  • Commercial Griddles & Grills; Find the perfect griddle and/or grill to achieve that appealing branded appearance and authentic flavour that always proves a hit with customers. Regardless of your budget or the turnover of your business, we guarantee that the perfect model will be found within our range.
  • Water Boilers; When you require large capacities of boiling water on tap, our range of water boilers is the ideal solution. Whether you run a cafe, canteen or catering establishment, these boilers have your water needs covered.
  • Heated Display & Storage; Displaying and storing hot food in premium condition is easy when you have the right equipment. We offer a full range of styles and designs meaning there is something to suit all types of business requirement and maximise your profits.
  • Commercial Toasters; Looking for premium manufacture and reliable performance? These qualities define our range of commercial toasters; each being efficient and reliable allowing you to produce as little or as much toast as you need. Available in a range of designs and finishes it's easy to locate the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen. 

At 24/7 Catering Supplies we understand that you only want the very best for your business but we also know that equipment costs represent a huge financial undertaking and you therefore want to be sure that you are getting the best possible value for money.

We offer equipment from industry leading brands including Rational, Frima and Synergy, each renowned for their professional manufacture, innovative design, advanced technology, superior performance and enhanced efficiency.

With brands you can trust at great prices, your business is always in a position to excel.

Similarly we also provide catering equipment for those working to a tighter budget. Leasing options are available for businesses that want to spread the cost and invest in market leading brands that they might otherwise be unable to.

With so many products to choose from, it's easy to be overwhelmed but our team of dedicated advisers are on hand to help and can be contacted via email, telephone or live Internet chat to guide you through the maze of options and help find the catering equipment solutions that best meet your needs. 

Here are a few of our most popular catering categories;

Commercial Griddles

Catering Fryers

Commercial Ovens & Ranges

Undercounter Glass Washers

Catering Dish Washers