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    Childrens Box Kits

    Childrens Box Kits

    Many restaurants aim to be child friendly and create delicious menus dedicated entirely to the little ones. Unfortunately children won't hold back on their true opinions. They won't comment on the taste and appearance of the food but will become extremely vocal should they get bored whilst waiting for their meals. Whether you care looking to amuse children with the display and service of their dishes in your restaurant or you specialise in catering children's parties, we can offer fun and inventive ways to receive the best reactions from your smaller guests.

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    Keeping children occupied whilst they are waiting for their meals to come not only makes the environment a lot quieter and happier but also more pleasurable for the parents. We've all been in a situation where a child has reached noisy levels of boredom and have announced this fact with either screams', cries or constant whinging. To ensure that your business takes care of all of your guests it is vital to occupy the little ones until their orders arrive.

    The A5 sheet available for purchase comes with four coloured crayons to bring the printed lion scene to life. Not only do these sheets occupy those with even the shortest attention span but also act as a handy place mat to catch any stray pieces of food. These colouring sheets can make great souvenirs to take home or you may even want to run a competition where the winner receives a free dessert for example.

    Alternatively you may decide that a jungle themed food box would be more effective. Packed lunches fit neatly inside so that each child has their own portion cutting out any squabbles at the dining table. The carry handles are ideal for little hands and meals can be easily transported to the tables during service. With six character boxes to choose from you can accommodate those feisty lions or the cheeky monkeys that eat in your restaurant. Each box arrives with a colouring book and crayons as standard for that extra little surprise inside.

    Manufactured from durable cardboard you can be sure that your themed food boxes will offer premium support whatever you fill them with. Available for the lowest prices possible we can ensure that your harshest critics give your business the thumbs up.