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Charvet Cooking Suites

Experience the Excellence of Charvet

With a home nestled beneath the Chartreuse mountains in France, Charvet have been regarded as a premier manufacturer of professional cooking suites for over 80 years. Producing equipment as inspiring as their surroundings, Charvet is a name synonymous with high quality and superior durability.

The fact that Charvet is the preferred cooking choice for many expert chefs pays testimony to the attention to detail given throughout the design and manufacturing process. Designed for professional kitchens that demand the best, build quality is unrivalled, as is service and support.


“The people at Charvet proudly live up to the values of quality, excellence and precision…” [1]


The Charvet Series

Whatever the requirement, Charvet have a range of equipment that perfectly fits the bill from the entry level Charvet One series through to a Bespoke service - ‘The Gold Label’ in the Charvet arsenal. Comprising of modular cooking units, a configuration suitable for any business set-up can be created.


Charvet One

Charvet One kitchen

Invest in the high quality, durability and performance Charvet are renowned for without the ‘frills’ in the One Series. Concentrate on the essentials required to achieve excellence with a range of modular equipment including boiling tops, fryers, chargrills, planchas, bratt pans and cooking ranges. “…buy Charvet at its most affordable price ever!” [2] Contact us for a Charvet One price.

Pro700 Series

Pro700 Series kitchen

Enjoy big performance within a smaller footprint. The Pro700 Series allows customers to mix up to 60 pieces of modular equipment to develop a tailored cooking solution suitable for kitchens with limited space.

Pro800 Series

Pro800 Series kitchen

Allowing a degree of modification to the final design within a footprint only slightly larger than the 700 range, the Pro800 Series combines the flexibility of modular equipment with the ability to customise the height and width of neutral units.

Pro900 Series 

Pro900 Series kitchen

Meeting the needs of high demand kitchens such as educational facilities or hospital restaurants, the Pro900 Series facilitates greater food production. Replicating the benefits of the Pro800 range with the added benefit of increased capacity, this series is the answer for any large scale catering operation.

Pro1000 Series

Pro1000 Series

The powerhouse of the Charvet range, maximum power and immense capacity makes the Pro1000 Series essential for any large scale foodservice business. Create complete cooking stations comprising of any chosen modular equipment up to widths of 3000mm.

Extend Concept 

Extend Concept kitchen

Concentrating on island or peninsula designs the Extend Concept makes cooking the central focus, literally, in any kitchen. Enabling chefs to work around equipment rather than just in front of it, these comprehensive work stations can improve fluidity and increase operational efficiency. Choose a configuration of modular equipment that best meets individual needs and create a cooking hub that works for everyone. 

Bespoke Suites

Bespoke Suites - 'The Gold Label'

A feather in the cap of the Charvet range, Bespoke Suites with ‘The Gold Label’ is manufactured with state of the art, master craftsmanship, being designed and built to personalised specifications. Every aspect can be customised from the type of modular equipment incorporated to the layout, shape, dimensions and finish of the final design.




For a quote on any Charvet kitchen prices, get in touch with our sales team today.


Comprehensive Service and Support


“…there to help you from the initial concept, ideas and designs, through to the equipment selection, installation requirements, maintenance and service.” [1]


Be assured that when choosing to invest in Charvet, it isn’t only the equipment that is received. A comprehensive service and support team are there every step of the way to guarantee an end result that is nothing less than perfection.


The Charvet Experience

  • Collaborate on equipment designs to individual specifications
  • Professional CAD drawings and 3D images portraying the intended results
  • Personalised advice from experienced members of the Charvet team
  • Installation and training session available making sure you get the most from your investment


Hand made with passion and dedication to detail, Charvet denotes high quality, powerful performance and outstanding durability; reliability where you need it most.


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